Secondary Guidance

We have many years of experience working with Swiss schools and also with a wide range of international schools throughout the world.

Secondary High School Guidance

For Years 8 and 9

When students are in Year 8 and Year 9 at JFK, the school starts working closely with the parents and the students to advise and guide them in the difficult task of choosing the right school for their child. We have many years of experience working with Swiss schools and also with a wide range of international schools throughout the world. We have an excellent record in placing our students in their first-choice school.


Schools after JFK

Our students continue in many different schools according to their choice and their parents’ choice. Here are some examples of some schools in Switzerland where our students are placed: Le Rosey, Aiglon College, Beau Soleil, Brillantmont, Collège Champittet, TASIS Lugano and Zuoz. Some examples in the UK: Wellington College, Eton College, King Edwards, Witley and Cheltenham Ladies. Other students also chose to go back to their own country or follow their family to a new destination.

We have a particular cooperation and collaboration with our sister school Le Rosey for whom we prepare students to enter this prestigious establishment. While this partnership arrangements do not guarantee entry for our students, Le Rosey has a particular confidence in the preparation of the students to a boarding and academic standard, the quality of our school reports and other application documents.


Schools Partnership

JFK ensures that all the necessary documents are provided to the schools chosen by our future leavers. These include application forms, past reports, letters of recommendation and any other documents that may be requested.

Where possible, we organise visits to the new schools. The students may also have the opportunity of spending a day or more there, so that they get a more complete picture of life at the school.

This is an ongoing process throughout the leaving student’s last year at JFK, helping them through all stages of the transition process.

Institut Le Rosey | World-renowned Swiss Boarding School

Le Régent International School | A new international boarding school in Switzerland


SEN Partnership

SENIA Switzerland provides support & practical information for our community of parents, educators & professionals, who advocate for children and young adults with special educational needs.

SENIA provide an opportunity for dialogue, to share best practice and up to date knowledge with resources in French, German, Italian & English. They offer a network of support for those with a new diagnosis and show parents how to navigate the Swiss system and how they can access the support networks available to them as their child grows.

SENIA Switzerland